Listen To Prince’s Final Ever Live Concert

The world is reeling from the shocking, untimely death of the Purple One, Prince. Tributes are flooding in from across the globe, including countless cover performances and mentions through social media and online publications, with everyone from Bruce Springsteen to president Barack Obama paying their respects.

Prince recently performed a string of concerts, the intimate Piano and a Microphone tour, which saw him announce Australian shows just ten days before performing. Those lucky enough to attend must no doubt be reflecting on those stunning performances now, considering they were among the last he would ever perform.

Now, a recording of his final ever concert has been released on Soundcloud. The performance took place at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta, Georgia on April 14, and saw him run through many of his greatest hits, as well as a cover of David Bowie‘s Heroes, which only holds even more weight now that the two late stars have both so tragically left this world. The recording isn’t perfectly clear, but it is an insight into his final ever moments as a live performer – expect serious shivers down your spine as you listen to the glorious Purple Rain being sung for one last time. 

Read the description included with the recording:

No one imagined that it would be the last time Prince would perform, when they saw him during his stop in Atlanta last week, April 14, 2016, after a 12 year hiatus. Prince’s “Piano and a Microphone” tour was a flawless display of his artistry. Like the show’s title suggests, it was just him, his piano and a purple strobe light beaming down as he played. The backdrop was a screen with illustrations of various images of the artist that dissolved into a collage of his various looks and album covers through the decades.


Prince was a vibrant example of genius who negotiated both God and sex into his music as never seen before. His songs were a blend of prayer and foreplay. He made spirituality and sex coexist – as they should.

Prince was magical.

Prince was a free man.

Fans witnessed this display of freedom when he played his last two shows at 7pm and 10pm at The Fox Theatre, downtown Atlanta. Both were sold out. He poured his heart out in an intimate setting with no band and no backup singers – only his free Black-self donning a natural Afro.

“The setting was intimate and it was an amazing event,” commented Marla Pruitt, a motivational speaker and accountability coach.

“The opportunity to see him live and performing alone was life changing. The image of him sitting at the piano will be forever embedded in my brain,” she said.

That evening, as he played a 90 minute medley of songs from his iconic catalog, he discussed, love, relationships and social issues. He also reminded the crowd that #BlackLivesMatter. Throughout the show he made several references to his pending memoir about his life. Upon hearing the news of his passing, fans expressed disbelief.

“It is with profound sadness that I am confirming that the legendary, iconic performer, Prince Rogers Nelson, has died at his Paisley Park residence this morning at the age of 57,” said his publicist Yvette Noel-Schure.

On social media the sentiments poured out across the virtual world.

@FrankWrenn: “One week ago today, I was excited to see Prince perform at the Fox. No one could know that his Atlanta performance would be his last”

@IamRickyChin: “Prince did Marley’s waiting in vain in his last performance. Piano only.”

While fans were told not to snap photos or record videos some were able to capture a few images and shared them online during the show and then again one week later with their expressions of grief.

Actress Holly Robinson Peete tweeted, “In Atlanta now where Prince performed his last show. My heart is shattered. Cannot process.”

One of Prince’s final tweets immediately after his Atlanta performance reads: I am #transformed

We too are transformed “your Royal Highness.” So are we!



• When Will B Paid
• The Max
• Black Sweat
• Girl
• I Would Die 4 U
• Baby, I’m a Star
• Ballad of Dorothy Parker
• Dark
• B-side Song (Indifference)
• I Love U But I Don’t Trust U
• Little Red Corvette
• It was a non-stop onslaught of songs;
• Dirty Mind
• Linus and Lucy (The Peanuts theme)
• back to Little Red Corvette
• Nothing Compares 2 U

Encore 1

• Cream
• Black Muse
• How Come U Don’t Call Me Anymore

Encore 2

• Waiting In Vain (Bob Marley)
• If I Was Ur Girlfriend
• back to Waiting In Vain
• back to If I Was Ur Girlfriend

Encore 3

• Sometimes It Snows In April
• Purple Rain (the crowd goes nuts)
• The Beautiful Ones
• back to Purple Rain
• Diamonds & Pearls
• back to Purple Rain

Image: Perth Now