LISTEN: Royal Blood’s New Track Has The Makings Of A Modern Rock Hit

Tracks like Royal Blood‘s new single, Where Are You Now? remind us that rock and roll is still alive and well in 2016; just as it was in the 1970’s, the time period that the HBO series Vinyl is set in. Although the show has been filled with heaps of covers of legendary rock songs, Royal Blood’s own, original track is to be featured in a future episode of the series.

The band’s singer and bassist Mike Kerr spoke to Noisey about what inspired the song. Apparently, it was the show itself.

“Hearing Richie Finestra talk about the first time you heard a song that made your hairs on the back of your neck stand up or made you wanna dance or kick someone’s arse,” he said. “I just wanted to write a song that gave me that sort of buzz.”

The track has a steady beat, and the heavy sounds of a electric guitar ringing through the smash hit. The lyrics are quite sensual and detailed. Vivid phrases like “I’ve tasted every person and they don’t taste like you” lend a hand in telling the story of a passionate relationship that seems to be lost in the past.

“I wish I could go back somehow,” Kerr sings longingly, as the music keeps its heart racing pace. Its high energy is bound to put you in such a great mood if you’re nostalgic for classic rock hits, such as the ones featured on the show.

The song will be available to purchase as part of Vinyl Volume 1.8. Stay tuned for Volume 2, out soon!

Image: The Independent UK