Lil Dicky

Lil Dicky Discusses Donald Trump and STD’s

Lil Dicky sat down with CNN to conduct an interview in which he expresses his lack of attention concerning the political climate, and also to continue his agenda for greater sexual education.

The Save Dat Money rapper managed to inject his particular brand of humour into the short CNN released clip, by immediately talking about how uninformed he is to even be discussing the current US election, suggesting that the only thing he knows for sure is that one of the candidates is possibly a “super-villain”, before elaborating that he is OBVIOUSLY talking about Donald Trump.

“I’m actively uninformed in the sense that I make no real effort to inform myself and it’s a shame. This particular instance we have like, a super-villain. Donald Trump, seems like, and I’m so uninformed that I’m talking out of my ass, but I do feel like I’m right in thinking that he is a super-villain, he seems villainous. So I guess there is more at stake, and maybe I will feel more inclined to understand how this can possibly happen.”

Lil Dicky then gives CNN a mild plug by musing that instead of actively wasting time checking on frivolous shit, he could just look at the CNN website and get an update on what’s going on in the world. “I have the time and energy to check every 15 minutes, and nothing new has occurred,” explains the rapper, “and instead of checking ESPN why don’t I go to CNN and get like, a run down.”

The Professional Rapper artist then goes on to talk about a subject which has come up in the past and seems important to him, practising safe sex. Lil Dicky had recently featured in an ad for Trojan condoms, and the fact that he has brought up the importance of condom use and opening dialogues about STD’s again, in a CNN interview, shows that he wasn’t just out for a quick pay check and believes in the subject’s importance.

“I think as a society, we’ve gotten incredibly laissez faire about wearing condoms. And there’s a whole other thing that I’m going to attempt to do about the destigmatization about genital herpes because I think that disease is so overly stigmafied. Like I know people with herpes who haven’t been on a date in two years because they can’t have that conversation during crunch time.”

Regardless of your feelings about the rapper’s quirky humour and rhyme spitting ability, Lil Dicky does bring up two important problems that need to be held up in a spotlight and dealt with before they become rampantly untreatable, STD’s and Donald Trump.

Image: Billboard