‘Let’s Get It On’ – Drake Affiliates dvsn Cover Marvin Gaye

The mysterious and secretive Canadian R&B group dvsn have played to their strengths and delivered a short tribute to Marvin Gaye by covering my absolute favourite track of his, Let’s Get It On. Their cover is a slower, cut-down piece with some airy guitar solos.

Last week, the duo payed homage to another fallen great of the music world, Aaliyah, by remixing her One in a Million with Prince’s Purple Rain.

dvsn have been on the up-and-up since their first two singles, The Line and With Me, were released on September 5th last year (a special date for them as Sept. 5th is also the name of their debut album). They were also featured on Apple’s Beats 1 radio during the seventh OVO Sound radio show. After two more singles, the soulful group signed to Drake’s label of the same name, so it’s safe to say they’re in very good company.

As they continue to gain momentum, their identity remains shrouded in mystery, although dvsn did perform during OVO’s pop-up show at SXSW’s Fader Fort. It is beginning to feel like we have another shadow group like The Gorillaz. But with the voice and production that dvsn are putting out, it is only a matter of time before their voices (if not faces) are a recognisable accent on any track.

Their multi-layered debut album Sept. 5th was released on April 1st (also the date of Marvin Gaye’s death in 1984) and it has demanded that we give it a listen. You can find it on iTunes.

Check out dvsn’s tributes to both Marvin Gaye and Aaliyah below:

Image: Soundcloud