G-Eazy live in Melbourne. Image: Michelle Grace Hunder/Howl & Echoes

Larry King Compares G-Eazy To Eminem, G-Eazy Doesn’t Disagree

In a recent interview with Larry King, rapper G-Eazy was asked to respond to claims that he gets compared to Eminem.

G-Eazy neither agrees not disagrees. He says nobody likes comparisons, but that it’s an honour to be compared anyway, because Eminem is the greatest. He then makes a somewhat convoluted comment about how nobody likes being put in a box, but that they’re ultimately necessary.

“I don’t think anybody likes to be compared to anybody. It’s beyond an honour, Eminem’s the greatest to ever do it.” He continued, “I don’t think anybody likes to be put in a box, but the world needs boxes, the world needs categories, it just comes with the territory.”

It’s a smart way to frame his response in a way which acknowledges that comparisons are in fact made.

Yes, we do need categories, and yes white rappers tend to get compared on some levels (well, one). But G-Eazy and Eminem?

I’m not trying to diss you, G. I really liked your album When It’s Dark Out, and although I fundamentally disagree with some of your lyrics and performance antics, you’re very talented and your fans love you.

The simple truth is that you don’t get compared to Eminem, you just don’t. I’ve literally never heard anyone compare you. Even you deny it! Here is a recent interview where you flatly deny being compared to Eminem because you’re both white.

The only person who has made a comparison on a skill or lyrical level has been you, G-Eazy, on the song Calm Down, with the lyrics “Fuck it, I’m the coldest white rapper in the game since the one with the bleached hair.”

In terms of music and production, your songs are completely unrelated. Same with your flow, themes, lyrics and actual vocal tone. You’re both white, but that’s where the similarities end. For the record, Beastie Boys, El-P, Action Bronson, Aesop Rock, Mac Miller, Lil Dicky and 95% of Australian hip-hop is also white, but they don’t get compared to Eminem either. Yelawolf maybe, but that’s only because he’s signed to Shady Records. So to say that people need categories and boxes, and you and Em happen to share one, just isn’t true in 2016.

Again, G, I’m not dissing you. I think you’re great.

But nobody thinks you’re Eminem.

That’s all.

Image: Michelle Grace Hunder / Howl & Echoes