Listen To Juñor’s Brand New Mixtape “Free Mined” – Psyde A

Melbourne producer Juñor has surprised fans with a brand new mixtape titled Free Mined – Psyde A. The release is available for free on Soundcloud, and we highly recommend you check it out. Juñor is quickly becoming one of the country’s most exciting hip-hop producers; as well as supporting big names in the local scene like Brother Ali and Tuka, he has also supported some of the most legendary names in hip-hop as resident DJ for Melbourne rapper Ivan Ooze, including Wu-Tang Clan, Cypress Hill and Ice Cube among others.

The mixtape is his second release in the past year, following on from his Fluorescent Connections EP, which dropped last winter. The mixtape features vocals from Lyall Moloney, Scott Newnham and Netti among others. In his own words, he explains that the mixtape is a way to, “free your mind from the dream of the planet and live your own individual dream bound by what’s within you. One person’s idea of beautiful is the next person’s idea of ugly. Therefore either nothing is beautiful in this world, or everything is.

“You decide which way you want to look at it.”

Blending seductively smooth hip-hop with synths, future beats and electronic elements among gorgeous vocal hooks and slick-as-hell verses (my personal favourites are the two Moloney-featuring tracks Blunt Lips and All These Days,) this groove-laden mixtape is a celebration of the musical talents that Australian hip-hop has to offer in 2016.

Considering this release is subtitled Psyde A, I imagine we can look forward to Psyde B in the coming months.

Stream it right here, right now:

Image: Supplied