Jack White To Release Acoustic Album & Boxset

While the days of crate digging rare vinyls are well behind many of us us, Jack White seems determined bring some of the mystery and eccentricity of collecting music back into the modern age.

For the completionists among his fans, there are no shortage of side projects and bootlegs to complement the rock heavyweight’s formidable discography. Further expanding upon his body of obscure recordings, White released a limited set of pre-White Stripes recordings in January via his Third Man Records label. Continuing to clean out the archives, Third Man has now announced a new album and DVD as part of the label’s subscription service.

The set captures two 2015 concerts performed following White’s Lazaretto world tour. Played across five US states, the micro-tour saw White form an acoustic four-piece and travelling to rarely visited locations. To add to the mystery of the unconventional tour, shows were only announced on the day and tickets were sold for as little as $3.

A double LP, Live In Idaho captures White’s at the Egyptian Theatre in Boise. The set also includes Live In Anchorage, a DVD of his performance at Anchorage Alaska’s Wendy Williamson Auditorium. Perhaps driven by White’s repressed need to lavishly reward kindred collectors, the pack also throws in a picture book and two prints of the performances.

Those looking to get there hands of Jack White’s latest can subscribe to The Vault series here before April 30th.


Live in Alaska 

  1. “Just One Drink”
    2. “Temporary Ground”
    3. “Love Interruption”
    4. “Machine Gun Silhouette”
    5. “Offend in Every Way”
    6. “The Same Boy You’ve Always Known”
    7. “Alone in My Home”
    8.” You Know That I Know”
    9. “We’re Going to Be Friends”
    10. “Entitlement”
    11. “Carolina Drama”
    12. “You’ve Got Her in Your Pocket”
    13. “A Martyr For My Love For You”
    14. “Goodnight, Irene”

Live in Idaho 

  1. “Just One Drink”
    2. “Temporary Ground”
    3. “Hotel Yorba”
    4. “You Know That I Know”
    5. “Inaccessibly Mystery”
    6. “Do”
    7. “Alone in My Home”
    8. “Carolina Drama”
    9. “Love Interruption”
    10. “A Martyr For My Love For You”
    11. “Sugar Never Tasted So Good”
    12. “We’re Going to Be Friends”
    13. “The Same Boy You’ve Always Known”
    14. “I Asked For Water (She Gave Me Gasoline)”
    15. “Blunderbuss”
    16. “You’ve Got Her in Your Pocket”
    17. “Goodnight, Irene”

Image: Rolling Stone