Parker Cannon

Grown Man In Band Literally Kicks Teenage Girl Off Stage, Crowd Cheers, Society Sucks

The Story So Far frontman, and dude-bro personified, Parker Cannon, has assaulted a female fan who got up on stage and tried to take a selfie while the band were performing.

The incident, which was captured on video, shows the band start playing their last song of the night, with Cannon’s back to the crowd as he g’s himself up to bounce around and yell into the microphone. Unbeknownst to him, a teenage girl gets up on stage and attempts to take a selfie, that’s when Cannon turns around, sees the crowd’s attention no longer solely on him, and I shit you not, literally fly-kicks the girl in the back, sending her face first into the crowd, off a raised platform. Holy shit. What a dick.

What I find most upsetting about the video, is not some 23-year-old pop-punk frontman of a band I’d never listened to prior to today but now that I have I regret it, kicking a fan. No, what’s much more upsetting is the reaction of the crowd, who cheer and are super stoked that a fan, just like all of them, has been fly-kicked in the fucking back, by a fully grown adult man. It’s great to be a The Story So Far fan!

Now granted, nobody likes people taking selfies while they’re trying to showcase their craft – we’ve even written about it here. And sure, Cannon has previously kicked fans for trying to take selfies on stage (around the 12:10 mark), but there’s a big difference between what we see there, and the video where, and I can’t stress this enough, he fucking fly kicks a teenage girl in the back off a raised platform.

I personally don’t think that this assault was consciously gender driven, I feel like he probably would have kicked anyone off that stage. Unfortunately, because it actually was a young girl, and most of his fans are young people, he is inadvertently contributing to a culture of sexism and misogyny by essentially advocating assault against women through his actions. Instead of handling the situation like a fucking adult, it’s fine to just fly kick a girl in the back, because in your eyes she was doing something wrong. If that’s a bit of a leap, just listen to the crowd’s gleeful reaction as the poor fan falls back into the crowd (where someone hopefully catches her). I don’t expect this douchebag to be the voice of equality, but his actions should be pointed out and shamed instead of being shrugged off as, “what do you expect from a group of 20 something men in a pop punk band?”.

So, the story so far is that Parker Cannon is a misogynistic dickhead who assaults his own fans.

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