A New Gorillaz Album Is Well And Truly On Its Way

It’s been a few months since we’ve had an update on the Gorillaz fifth studio LP.

While co-founder and Blur frontman Damon Albarn shared a smattering of details way back in October, information on the follow-up to 2011’s The Fall has been scarce. In recent months, Jamie Hewlett has been the one serving up new information. Ramping up his Instagram posts in recent weeks, Hewlett has now given fans a glimpse of the album’s studio progress and possibly even the makings of a new track.

As dedicated followers may already be aware, Albarn and Hewlett have been hanging out with pioneering electronic composer Jean Michel-Jarre, producer Twilite Tone and singer Liam Bailey.

Two clips posted yesterday show the group hanging out in the studio. One video, either depicting Twilite and Bailey hard at work or goofing off, contains a potential sketch of a new track in progress. While it could be little more than a joking adlib it sounds suspiciously close to what could be expected from the notorious virtual quartet.


A video posted by hewll (@hewll) on

A video posted by hewll (@hewll) on

Hewlett has also been sharing images of the fictitious group’s animated members, who look to have been undergoing a few changes since their last public appearances.

Light me up

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With production on the latest album in full swing, it looks like Gorillaz will be returning in full force in the coming year.

Image source: Slashgear.com