Future & Jay-Z Are Droping A Song Together

Fans of Jay-Z were undoubtedly a little disappointed by his single bar in Drake‘s new track Pop Style last week, but now they can hopefully rest easy with the knowledge that a new collaborative track with Future is right around the corner – and it’ll hopefully contain more then two lonely lines from Hov.

Now, it doesn’t bring me any pleasure to report this, but this song is going to be a collaboration with hip-hop’s most pointless influencer, DJ Khaled. Sorry for any Khaled fans out there but I personally think he’s an absolute waste of space, and I have no intention of listening to his upcoming album in full.

Back in February, the surprising news came that Jay-Z had actually picked up the role of manager to the once-influential radio DJ. Interestingly, he also recently launched his own radio show over at Tidal’s major competitor, Apple Music’s Beats 1 Radio.

Future is one of the most prolific collaborators in the game right now, most notably with Drake on last year’s What A Time To Be Alive. It’s a vast contrast to Jay-Z, whose brief appearance on Pop Style was his first “feature” in more than a year. So the news of a full collaboration is certainly noteworthy, so long as it actually feels like, well, a collaboration.

The news came our during an interview with Southside and DJ Whoo Kid – you can listen to the full audio here, or tune it at 3:30 to hear him talk about the upcoming single between Khaled, Future and Jay-Z. “That shit’s crazy,” he promises.

To be honest I don’t really care about Khaled’s album as a whole (I guess Epic Records disagree, as they just signed a partnership deal with him and his imprint label We The Best, which he announced by essentially comparing himself and his upcoming album to Michael Jackson and Thriller… But I digress…), but one thing he’s certainly known for is pulling a shit tonne of major name features together, so I’m sure there’ll be a a couple of highlights nonetheless. Regardless, I’m looking forward to seeing what Jay and Future will sound like together.

Image: Fact