Fleet Foxes Are Back Together

Since announcing their hiatus in 2012, indie folk stalwarts Fleet Foxes have been sorely missed by thousands of fans, and bands they inspired, throughout the world.

Now, in a post expectedly discovered by Reddit, vocalist and guitarist Christian Wargo has revealed that he and frontman Robin Pecknold recently discussed getting back together. The pair reportedly discussed a reformation at a recent Joanna Newsom concert in LA, as Pecknold was Newsom’s opening act on the night. Previously, the band had gone on an indefinite hiatus for a variety of reasons, notably including Pecknold’s desire to go to university and finish his studies at Columbia University.

Now for the words that fans of the indie folk band have been waiting a long, long time to hear: “it’s happening.”

“It’s not, like, ‘announced’ or anything, and none of us really knew it was coming,” said Wargo. “But it’s happening.”

“Possibly unofficially at this stage, but it’s definitely a thing.”

The cautious but promising comments are already causing a stir online, and will no doubt be followed up shortly by an official announcement from the band. We can only hope that new music might be on the way soon, but considering how cautious the comments were, we might have a while to wait yet.

Image: The Corner