Father John Misty Took Acid & Saw Taylor Swift Live In Melbourne: “She Impregnated My Dilated Soul”

Father John Misty is one helluva dude. From his hilarious Instagram account to fake Pandora ads, from made-up dreams about Lou Reed to live-tweeting a Tinder date, from starring in Lana Del Rey vids to covering Rihanna, you can’t help but love his personality, regardless of your thoughts on his wistful folk tunes.

He recently revealed that the inspiration for the aforementioned Lana Del Rey video, Freak, was inspired by seeing taylor Swift live, while tripping on acid. He’s now detailed that experience a little more – and the results, obviously, are wonderful.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, he divulged (vie Stereogum):

“The last time I took a hero’s dose of LSD was at a Taylor Swift concert in Australia. She was playing in Melbourne, and I met a bunch of people from her crew at a bar, and they invited me to the show. I got my tour manager to get me some acid: “This is written in the stars. I’m supposed to go take acid at this Taylor Swift concert…

I experienced the show like an eight-year-old girl — as much as that’s possible for a 35-year-old man. It was holy. It was psychedelic. She fully impregnated my dilated soul with her ideology. I remember laughing uncontrollably. I remember going outside for a smoke and thinking, “I need to get back in there.”

But there was a disturbing aspect — this insistence on telling girls, “I’m normal, don’t let anyone tell you what you should be.” Meanwhile, there are 60-foot-high images of her on screens. If you wanted to curate an evening with the Grand Leader, this is what you would do. It’s a very, very false normal. And that’s dangerous.”

Last year (at least two months before the Taylor-in-Melbourne-on-acid incident, for the record) saw FJM release two covers of Taylor Swift songs – or, rather, covers of Ryan Adams’ covers of Taylor Swift songs, done in the style of The Velvet Underground. He then took them down, having claimed that Lou Reed told him to do so in a dream, and then came out with a hilariously anti-establishment explanation about how it was all one big joke on the media and music industry.

To be honest, we’re cool with not knowing or understanding pretty much anything going on here. That’s how Father John Misty rolls, and that’s why we love him.

Image: Billboard