Eve Had To Lose Her “Weed Girl” Image Before Dr Dre Signed Her

Eve has discussed how she first came to be signed to Dr Dre’s Aftermath Entertainment label and unsurprisingly it involves plenty of rapping and plenty of weed.

In a new interview with The Breakfast Club, Eve explained how she got her first big break impressing Dr Dre’s entourage at a party.

Mike Lynn was like his right-hand man. These dudes who was like my homeboy managers at the time invited me over to the house and was like, ‘Yo, you should write raps for this dude. He’s got Dre’s ear.’ I was like, ‘Ok.’ And I did and he called Dre right there. I rapped for him,” she told the station.

However, her performance came as a bit of a surprise to Lynn as he initially had other ideas about why she was hanging around the group in the first place.

“He thought I was dropping off weed, so he definitely thought like, ‘Why is she rapping? Why is the weed girl rapping?’ But he called Dre right there and I was in LA that next weekend, signed,” she said.

It didn’t all go according to plan for the rapper on Aftermath though and her stay was short lived. She was dropped from the label before she even had a chance to release any music, but was soon picked up by Ruff Ryders where she came to make a name for herself.

In an interview with MTV’S Rap Fix Live back in 2012, the Philadelphia local recalled how she was left reeling from being dropped off the label. “It was devastating. It was real stealthy, too. I was in my cute little condo. I was 18, too. I was ballin’. They was like, you gotta go home,” she said.

“There was a person who definitely had the conversation with me, and I thought they was lying. And they wasn’t lying. They sent my ass back to Philly. If I would’ve come out then, I wouldn’t be where I am now. I know that 100 percent. I’m glad I dropped the ‘of Destruction’ part. I just want to be Eve.”

Image: Jet mag