DIIV Drop New Clip for “Mire (Grant’s Song)”

Even considering all the drug problems, creative funks, and troubled production that beset Brooklyn five-piece DIIV, their second album was more than a little while coming. But with Is the Is Are finally having dropped in February and hectic touring schedule now in place, it seems that the band are finally back in full swing.

Capturing scenes from the group’s trip to upstate New York, the isolated and non-assuming visuals seem a perfect fit for Mire (Grant’s Song) ominous sonic textures. The clip cuts between a lounge room performance and frontman Zachary Cole’s wanderings through some dilapidated and admittedly creepy rural surrounds.

Mire (Grant’s Song) is the third track from Is the Is Are. Describing the track on the band’s Tumblr last November, Cole shared, “… I really feel like this song will help make the album make more sense, partially [because] it makes more plain the darkness and heaviness that defines a bulk of the album, whether its musical, lyrical, or in some less tangible way relating to events or moments in my life around the album’s genesis.”

The clip forms the conclusion of Pitchfork and GoPro-sponsored series which threw some money at a number of artists to capture some excellent live sets and generally fool around with GoPro tech. Other videos include works from Mac MillerNeon IndianFrankie CosmosMetz, Prince Rama, Wolf Eyes, and Eleanor Friedberger.

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Image: Frank Mojica