Death Grips

Death Grips Reveal “Bottomless Pit” Release Date

Death Grips have revealed the release date and lyrics to their upcoming album, Bottomless Pit.

The Sacramento group took to Twitter in March to showcase the upcoming album’s artwork and track listing, revealing that the new album would be 13 tracks long. Now, they’ve used social media once more to announce the new album details. Bottomless Pit will be out on May 6. That said, it’s Death Grips, so realistically this could mean absolutely nothing.

Death Grips also used this announcement to divulge the lyrics to Bottomless Pit, making the lyrics to all 13 tracks available online.

So far we’ve only been privy to one new track, titled Hot Head, which was released earlier this year and although from a lyrical standpoint was fairly short, it was nonetheless promising.

The band, who have garnered a reputation for being a touch odd, first announced Bottomless Pit in October last year, with a video which featured the late actress Karen Black, reading some dialogue in 2013 which was written by Zach Hill. The dialogue was initially written for a film he was working on, which Black was scheduled to appear in before tragically losing her battle with cancer that same year. Since then we’ve had the release of Hot Head, as well as an incredibly bizarre 30-minute video titled, Interview 2016, which is quite frankly unsettling.

Bottomless Pit is available digitally May 6 with pre-orders for physical copies available the same day.

Image: mbssdetroit