Cops Shut Down Video Shoot For The Song “Fuck Donald Trump”

Just last week, rappers YG and Nipsey Hussle got some valuable exposure with their diss track aimed at Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

The family friendly musical complaint, titled Fuck Donald Trump, or FDT, ruffled more than a few feathers on the inter-webs, but also served as strong voice against the ideas and actions of one man in a democratic society.

However, when the rap duo tried to shoot a video for the song in Los Angeles over the weekend, police intervened and shut down the shoot, TMZ reports.

Witnesses reported that up to 100 people fell in behind the rappers as they shot the video, chanting “fuck Donald Trump” and gaining the attention of the LAPD in the process.

Responding to a call about cars cruising the streets, and donning their finest riot gear for the occasion, the police reportedly dispersed the protesters before things got out of control.

Admittedly, it seems things were already pretty crazy before they got there. Check out this mental video of a lad doing doughies in his car before taking out a bystander, who proceeds to walk away seemingly unharmed.


Despite the police intervention, sources report that the rappers managed to collect plenty of footage before they were moved on, so we can hope to see the fruit of their labour soon.

This incident is just the latest in a series of hip-hop artists joining the fight against Donald Trump, with multiple artists calling for a change in the mindset of Americans.

“Failing to vote is a vote for this clown,” wrote T.I. in an impassioned plea to the American Youth to exercise their right to vote.

Killer Mike has vocally endorsed Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders from day one, while protesters have been continuously crashing Trump party rallies and chanting “We gon’ be alright”, the key hook of Kendrick Lamar‘s protest song Alright.

Given rock legends such as Gene Simmons from KISS think that Trump is “good for the political system”, it’s not hard to see why people are looking to the icons of hip-hop for political inspiration on the issue.

Let’s hope FDT become more than a flash in the pan in the minds of Americans as the election approaches.

IMAGE: Pitchfork