Chance The Rapper’s New Mixtape Is Coming This Month

It’s strange to think that Chance The Rapper hasn’t released a solo album in three years. The hip-hop artist is so prolific, so everywhere, that we write about him on a weekly basis, whether that’s for his live performances on stage or on late night shows, his collaborations with Kanye or Earl Sweatshirt or Snakehips, his very own radio show, his work to help the homeless, being voted Chicagoan of the year, or even his appearance at a Chicago White Sox game this week.

So let me rephrase: it’s strange to think that among the endless flurry of Chance the Rapper news, performances and new music, it’s been three years since he released an exclusively solo album.

Complex reports that Chance the Rapper made the announcement during the official launch of Soundcloud Go last week: “Third mixtape coming next month.”

His last solo output was Acid Rap in April 2013, arguably his first release that made us really stand up and pay attention. Since then, he’s popped up on a tonne of new music, most notably Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment‘s 2015 album Surf, which wasn’t a straight up Chance album, but is the last full length release he’s featured on so extensively.

It’ll be really interesting to see what he comes out with on his own new release, considering he has been so malleable, a sonic chameleon, having featured on tracks with everyone from Kanye to Kehlani, to Skrillex to Macklemore. 


You can pretty much guarantee that this is going to be one of the best releases of the year. It’s no secret that he’s one of the most talented and prolific artists in the game right now; so important, in fact, that he was single-handedly blamed for the (first of many, many) delays to The Life Of Pablo.

Image: BET