Brisbabes #3 Artists Tell Us Their Ultimate Empowering Jams

Brisbabes #3 is nearly upon us; a quarterly showcase highlighting just how much talent swims through the veins of Brisbane’s female musicians. Shaping up to be the biggest and best event yet, this third instalment boasts the gig’s most diverse lineup yet, and considering the fact that the crowd more than doubled in size from the first to the second, all signs are pointing to one hell of a night come April 22 for the third.

Brisbabes is an event that aims to encourage and foster confidence in women in music especially, but the community as a whole as well. It’s an inclusive event that serves as a showcase of acts that might (sadly) not get the gigs or recognition they deserve, which can sometimes come down to something as simple as gender. Trying to pull down those barriers, Brisbabes wants to show Brisbane – and the world – that these acts are out there if you look for them, and wants to offer alternatives to the often male-heavy, stock standard lineups that often pop up in the local music scene.

Each of the 5 acts this time around is lead by some of the most talented and inspiring women Brisbane has to offer. From the smooth RnB-pop of Romy, the stomping blues rock of Deena, the soulful seven piece led by Erin Fitzsimon in Inigo, the gentle dream that is Cheers G’Day led by Irina Strauss and the totally self-made synth sounds of Post-DuskBrisbabes #3 has something to offer everyone and their hope is that each person takes something away from the night.

To get you even more excited than you obviously already are, we asked each act what their ultimate pump up jam is. Their empowering, get-up-and-go song. Their “yas kween, slay bitch” tune, if you will. Given the diversity of the lineup, it’s no surprise that the answers were just as diverse and interesting. Check out 5 songs that makes this month’s Brisbabes artists want to get up and seize the day with both hands below, and jump on the remaining tickets here!

Laura Mvula, That’s Alright

First of all, Laura Mvula is a total badass in her own right. Despite all circumstances, she kicks so much musical ass creating her music, and it was so hard to pick just one song. I went with That’s Alright. When you have lines like “I will never be what you want and that’s all right“, “I play my own damn tune” and “Who made you the centre of the universe,” all in the same song, how can you not feel better prepared to go out and kick some ass yourself?

Cheers G’Day
Shania Twain, That Don’t Impress Me Much

Most specifically the ‘dance version’ (who doesn’t love an early 2000’s dance-pop remix?). Beside the ethereal guitar solos and the blatant sass, this song appeals to me on a more personal level. When I’m not playing music with 3 of the most respectful men I’ve ever met (shout out to Nick, Sam and Harry, the other 3/4 of Cheers G’day), I’m a social researcher. I encounter a lot of sexist bias in science and constantly find myself justifying the importance of investigating gender roles or toxic masculinity, and treading most carefully around male colleagues and supervisors when sharing these beliefs. I find my scientific knowledge and education being questioned on a daily basis. Shania doesn’t give a shit about fragile masculinity, her lack of enthusiasm for male boasting is inspiring. She’s a female in country music who sings about more than her dream leather clad hubby, that’s admirable stuff. Besides being a little jealous of her vocal range, I’m mostly impressed with her unapologetic audacity. Pump this jam whenever someone tells you to “smile more” or asks if you actually play guitar or “just sing”.

Grimes, Flesh without Blood

It was hard to choose between this and Dominion by Sisters of Mercy – but Grimes’ unrelenting determination and dedication to her work wins this round. When I hear someone doing exactly what they wanted to do, following their true north, it makes me feel really settled about just being exactly myself, doing things just the way I want them to be done, with a quiet knowledge that these two things combined lead to a place I’d probably be pretty stoked with. A+ formula. I’m pretty impressed with this newest evolution of Grimes. She works hard and gets better every time – and this song is just sick. Nothing like twirling out the front door in my cowboy hat with this song blaring, dance-walking all the way to the bus stop. How can I even be mad when my bus is running half an hour late? Oh no. Not more Grimes dance time. That would be a terrible way to start the day.

Whitney Houston, Greatest Love Of All

Sorry I had to do it, I had to put Whitney in. You can’t have empowerment without featuring Whitney. The combination of her powerhouse vocals, 80s drumbeat and layers of dramatic synth really works together through the tender parts to then ultimately conquer all doubts, insecurities and judgments. You just can’t help but stand with one leg propped up, arms out wide and eyes looking out towards the horizon as you realise you’re gonna go for American presidency.

Dario G, Sunchyme

It is often too difficult a task to pick just one song from any genre or artist, let alone era when there’s so many great songs with lyrical messages that crave to be heard. So, I have decided to select the least likely suspected choice, a song with no lyrics at all – Sunchyme by Dario G, purely for the way that this song makes me feel: free, inspired, motivated, enchanted and full of joy. Ready to take on the world (or the day). It doesn’t need to say any real words because it already says so much. Music is a universal sound that resonates within us all. It doesn’t matter the style, age, race or gender, every one of us just connects with the way music makes us feel inside.