Briggs Appears On The Weekly To Sort Out The ‘Invasion’ Discussion

Last week, The University of New South Wales announced changes to the curriculum that stated that Australia was not discovered, but in fact invaded. From this, a lot of controversy arose, starting with a piece from the Daily Telegraph entitled “WHITEWASH.” This soon trickled to the commercial media, who thought it be a great idea to debate this on their shows.

While some angled it better than others (some were horrendous), they just still featured primarily white people talking about an issue regarding Indigenous Australians and their history. This itself then sparked powerful comments from Indigenous singer and songwriter Thelma Plum, who came out and called Channel Seven’s Sunrise “A bunch of racist c*nts.”

But now, thanks to Indigenous rapper Briggs and The Weekly, we finally get an actual display of how this should have been handled in the first place. Briggsy just straight up tells the truth, showcasing the facts humorously and light-heartedly without taking anything away from the message itself – ending on the high note, “honesty is the best policy”.

Briggs has been also been in the news lately for his new group A.B. Original, comprising of himself and Trials. Inspired by N.W.A. and Westside Connection, you can listen to their politically charged debut here, and check out our photos of them from their recent supporting slot for Hilltop Hoods here.

Image: The Weekly