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Brandy Sues Record Label For Blocking New Music

This Tuesday, Brandy filed a lawsuit against her record label Chameleon Entertainment Group. The R&B singer claims that the label have blocked her from recording new music in an attempt to get her to sign a new deal.

Brandy was signed to Atlantic Records during her rise to fame in the 90s, and it was through them that she released hits like The Boy Is Mine. She remained with Atlantic until 2004, citing a desire to “move on” as her reason for parting ways with the label. After a prolonged hiatus, and a fatal car accident, Brandy signed a joint deal with RCA and Chameleon in 2011.

Having released her 2012 album Two Eleven via RCA/Chameleon, Brandy is claiming that her deal gave the label options for four more albums. However, she alleges that Chameleon have kept her from recording new material over the last four years.

According to the lawsuit, Brandy has dissolved her contract with Chameleon but she is suing the label for $1 million in damages and requesting a judge ruling that the contract is void. She also claims that Chameleon’s refusal to finance the recording of any new music by the singer was an “attempt to bully” Brandy into signing a new deal. Reportedly, the proposed deal would have been less financially beneficial to the singer had she signed. Her latest release, Beggin & Pleadin, was released this year through Brandy’s own label, Slayana Records.

Since her 2012 album, Brandy has returned to acting, with TV appearances and a starring part in a Broadway production of Chicago. Any plans for future releases from the singer are unclear, however she recently commented, “I’m writing, I have a lot of ideas, I’m in the studio. We’re good.”

Image: Broadway Black