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Watch Best Coast Perform At Bernie Sanders Rally

Presidency candidate and music enthusiast Bernie Sanders’ latest rally at the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Kohl Centre included a short performance from Best Coast. Social media has captured parts of the performances for the rest of us to see. Their two-song setlist included Feeling Ok and Crazy For You.

Reporting on campaigns can be tedious, but then you get to see a free Best Coast concert

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I love this song. #berniesanders #feelthebern #bestcoast #feelingokay #californianights

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Sanders has received an overwhelming amount of support from many different artists, including Killer Mike, Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon and Vampire Weekend’s Ezra Koenig.

Killer Mike has supported Sanders on a number of occasions. He has spoken at not one, but two rallies, joined Sanders on a panel discussing Martin Luther King, interviewed him about a number of important issues and even had dinner with him.

Koenig and the rest of Vampire Weekend performed at one of his past rallies in Iowa, along with Foster The People, while Vernon introduced him at a rally at University of Wisconsin in Eau Claire over the weekend.

Why do they love Bernie?

As Koenig told CNN:

“I think there’s something so cool about Bernie running as a Democrat — a guy who was the only Independent in the House for a long time, the only Independent in the Senate, a guy who comes from an outside structure and is bringing that to the Democratic Party. There’s something so much more exciting than somebody who comes from within.”

As for Best Coast, they will be supporting The Go-Gos at the majority of the shows for their Farewell Tour of the US throughout August. Visit The Go-Gos’ website for the dates and ticketing information.

Watch Best Coast’s video for Feeling Ok below.

Image: MTV