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Azealia Banks To Be Sued By Sarah Palin Over Twitter Posts

Azealia Banks, the personification of ignorant hatred, is likely going to be sued by Sarah Palin, after the rapper posted a series of tweets calling for Palin to be sexually assaulted.

The tweets came after Banks hilariously assumed that an obviously satirical website’s story was real. The story, which quotes the ex-Alaskan governor as saying that, “negroes loved being slaves and they were doing just fine under our rules”, before capping off with the pièce de résistance of, “negroes loved being slaves because of the simple fact that they can’t tackle the world around them on their own.”

Now Sarah Palin has said some fucked up shit in the past, but a god damn Alaskan moose would have had the foresight to at least cross-google that shit to make sure that it was real, before voicing concern. Regardless, the piece prompted Banks to launch some truly heinous tweets through her account, which have since been deleted, but not forgotten.

Tweet 1

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Tweet 2

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Palin, not to be outdone by Twitter’s favourite offensive celebrity, responded with a lengthy Facebook post, which starts off with, “Hey Female Rapper – listen up, little darling. No one has any idea what you’re wigging out about”, which apart from the phrase “wigging out” sounding like something a 90’s cartoon character would say to relate to young kids, is actually fairly patronising and diminutive to someone who is an established artist. Sarah Palin then continues her post with suggesting that her and Banks should work together to combat racism, misogyny and rape, before saying that she will be taking all of Azealia Banks’s music off her 15-year-old daughter’s playlists.

Of course this was not the end of it, Azealia Banks took to her Instagram (social media is the devil) to post a back-handed apology which can be summed up with Banks not realising that the article which angered her was satire and that she “never said (Palin) you should be raped” before clarifying that she used the term “run a train” which doesn’t mean the same thing. While she is correct that running a train on someone isn’t the same as rape, I think the fact that she said, “let them run a train” is really the point that suggests non-consensual sex. That, and the whole being locked in a cupboard after getting your head shaved and “headfucked” part.

Sarah Palin, who is clearly not accustomed to lengthy social media beefs of who said what, and which particular phrasing of a sentence can be deemed offensive, reached out to People and issued a statement in which she said that she will be straight up suing Azealia Banks.

“I’ve had enough of the unanswered threats and attacks against my family and me. So, for the first time I’m going to enjoy the only retribution some protected ‘celebrities’ seem to understand – I’m suing Azealia Banks and can’t wait to share my winnings with others who have gone defenseless against lies and dangerous attacks far too long.”

Now I’m not a Sarah Palin fan. I don’t like her very much at all to be honest. But my GOD, I really hope she goes through with the lawsuit. Azealia Banks is not only someone who should be monitored closely by her PR team to make sure she can’t reach any internet enabled devices, but is also the type of individual who doesn’t understand the sort of impact their social media rants can have, which she has demonstrated with suggesting that Iggy Azalea try harder at committing suicide after the Australian rapper admitted to suffering from depression and suicidal thoughts last year in a recent interview, and also evidenced by her continuing to direct shade at Sarah Palin after her apology Instagram post.

But mostly, I hope that Azealia Banks gets sued and loses the lawsuit, just so people think twice before issuing rape threats to anyone over social media.


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