Apple Develops Technology Which Will Automatically Censor Swear Words

Apple has developed new technology that will censor swear words automatically when they appear in songs.

The material was supposedly patented back in September 2014, titled “Management, Replacement and Removal of Explicit Lyrics During Audio Playback,” and has the capability to scan your iPod and automatically edit out any swear words from songs, which could result in a heavily censored selection of tunes.

In one sense, this could fix a lot of problems.

You may find your iPod suddenly becomes an option that is readily available to others on family car trips when the debate arises as to who will provide the soundtrack for the next strip of freeway. You may also be able to finally educate your kids on the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Drake or Wu-Tang Clan on the drive to school without worrying that they will take those new and exciting four-lettered words into the year two classroom.

However, some songs may lose that edge that made them great in the first place.

Apple has revealed to Business Insider how they are planning on censoring music, with options including removing them from the tracks entirely, beeping them out or replacing them with other words.

Imagine belting out the chorus of Mumford and Sons‘ Little Lion Man, or Violent Soho‘s Covered In Chrome with mates, only to find the climax of the song replaced by an awkward pause in the lyrics. 

Even worse, imagine if this happened on your own device:

The censorship reportedly has the capacity to expand to audio books, which would edit out both sex scenes and curse words, proving a genuine game changer for Game of Thrones readers.

It’s possible that the software will never see the light of day, with Insider pointing out that many products drafted by the company do not make it to production stage.

One can hope.

Image: Russiaslam