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Anna Wise Releases Debut Solo EP “The Feminine: Act 1”

Anna Wise, the frequent collaborator of Kendrick Lamar, has released her debut EP entitled The Feminine: Act 1.

The Grammy award winning Wise, who released the first single off her seven track effort back at the start of the year, has arrived with her trademark sultry vocals and hypnotic R&B production on a record which will serve as her first solo project.

The frontwoman to Brooklyn psych-pop duo Sonnymoon, Wise has recently become renowned for her work alongside rapper Kendrick Lamar. She first appeared on Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe and Money Trees, before lending her voice to Lamar’s opus To Pimp A Butterfly last year, with her work on These Walls winning her a much coveted Grammy award.

The first single to be taken from the EP was Bitchslut, before she released the hypnotic Precious Possession not long after. The second single was accompanied by a video directed by Emma Kanter. The track is about, “a bride who is drunk on desire and fades within her own fantasy,” according to Wise.

In a recent interview with Spin, Wise said that she was “super excited” about her upcoming debut before she revealed she also still had a “Mary Poppins bag of material” left to release.

“There is a theme of women on my solo record though. Women are great. We’re fucking great, and I want to talk about us. And talk about myself, because I’m a woman. I guess it’s kind of selfish. ‘Let’s talk about me!’”

The tracklist for the EP is below:

01 The Feminine
02 Precious Possession
03 How Would You Call a Dog?
04 BitchSlut
05 Decrease My Waist, Increase My Wage
06 Girl, Mother, Crone
07 Go

Watch the video to Precious Possession:

The Feminine: Act 1 is out now via Stem is available on Spotify.

Image: Billboard