All Female Christian Hip-Hop Cypher Is Fierce

Except for maybe Tupac’s Only God Can Judge Me, my exposure to Christian hip-hop is nil (I am assuming Tupac doesn’t really count anyway). That was until today, when Christian Hip-Hop’s YouTube channel posted this incredible cypher featuring an all female cast: Porsha Love, Speez Louise, Ily Rap, Ty Cage and Lady Adamas.

The women all hail from Detroit and are serious about spreading the word of God through their raps.

Porsha Love leads the group with a plug for a record deal with Aftermath, “What up Dre?,” Porsha sprung onto the scene as a part of her rap group, Speak Life. Her first solo album Real Love was released last year and her hit single, Purity Over Lust is said to be catching the attention of the younger generation, and showing them that it is possible to be young, stay pure, and live righteous before God. Have a listen to it below.

Ain’t no competition/ we Christian/ on a Mission,” is how Lady Adamas opens her section of the cypher, stating their point and ‘mission’ for their music. The girl with the tightest flow, however, is Ty Cage, the third rapper in the cypher. Even though her subject matter is heavily Christian, it doesn’t stop her from rhyming with the same (or better) skill as those who talk guns, cars and women. “Saturate this beat/ Rep my Daddy til I D-I/ E his name so sweet, why?/ Come and rescue me boy.”

It just goes to show that this great thing we call hip-hop comes in many different forms, and it doesn’t matter what you’re rapping about as long as you can rhyme. And, turns out, these women of the Lord can rhyme.

Image: YouTube