Watch: Florence & the Machine’s Stripped Back Cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “Silver Springs”

Whether it’s The Beatles, The Foo Fighters or even Diplo, Florence Welch is no stranger to dropping a crowd pleasing cover.

Adding to Welch’s growing body of memorable covers, Florence & The Machine laid down a stripped back version of Fleetwood Mac‘s Silver Springs last Friday.

The performance formed part of a benefit concert for War Child UK, a charity that tasks itself with improving the circumstances of children and young people in war torn countries.

Stripping away the lavish studio treatment of the 70s original, Florence instead opted for only tambourine, acoustic guitar and piano as accompaniment. Aching with emotion, it’s Welch’s delivery which carries the day. Admirably encapsulating the emotive intonations of Stevie Nicks, the frontwoman also adds a little more directness to the song’s lyrics with her own distinctive vocals.

Not one to shy away from extravagant retro-fashions, Welch also brought the performance home by donning some of the baroque-inspired fashion of the period.

Cut from the final track listing for Fleetwood Mac’s iconic 1997 LP Rumors, Silver Springs appeared as a B-side on single Go Your Own Way. Many believe that the track was excluded from the final album due to growing tensions between writer Stevie Nicks and bandmate Lindsey Buckingham following the pair’s failed romance.

Image: Hit Radio