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Violent Soho Flip Scalpers The Bird, Add New Shows To Their Mega Tour, Release Album Trailer Too

When tickets went on sale for the Violent Soho/DZ Deathrays/Dune Rats mother of all tours last week they sold the heck out of Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne in what seemed like one blink of the eyes. Of course being such a red hot ticket it was going to attract the type of miserable people who like to take advantage of anyone they can for a quick dollar and there were quickly reports of tickets being resold by jerks scalpers for upwards of $200 (about a $150 markup on what they were originally selling for).

Having had these shameless acts of scumbaggery brought to their attention, Violent Soho were having approximately two-thirds of three eighths of none of it, taking to social media to blast the unethical practice:

…when these selfish pricks go online at 9am and buy tickets just to resell them later at an inflated price, preventing real fans from being able to get tickets, it’s not only extremely offensive to us it devalues everything we as a band are trying to do.

(The Next Episode plays)

Not just content with being up there with the best rock acts in Australia, Soho are also going in for the Good Blokes Of The Year award early, finishing the post by saying they would be adding new shows to the tour in case you were unfortunate enough to miss out on tickets.

So if you missed out you can get in quick and get tickets to catch the tour on these extra dates:

Tue, May 10th: The Tivoli, Brisbane

Mon, May 16th: The Forum Theatre, Melbourne

Thu, May 26th: Enmore Theatre, Sydney

Can’t stress enough how quickly these are selling. Two shows already sold out in Brisbane (because locals Soho, DZs and Dunies on the one bill will surely level the entire city) and Melbourne as well as the first Enmore show in Sydney, so get all the way in quick.

If you’re fiending for WACO more than anything else then Violent Soho have also released an album trailer today that will certainly intensify the hype if their two shredbanging singles Like Soda and Viceroy hadn’t enough already. Shot by Tim O’Keefe at The Shed studio in Brisbane (where WACO was recorded), have a look below:

It’s a beautifully shot, fly-on-the-wall insight into what looks like an outrageously fun recording process and includes a snippet of an unreleased track coming on the new record (also sounds 10/10). WACO promises to be a chart-smashing definitive moment in Violent Soho’s career, the record that should take them from stars to superstars, and we’re looking forward to it just about more than any other release this year.

Catch them live, listen to WACO and prepare yourselves. This is Violent Soho’s year.

Catch them at:

Tue, May 10: The Tivoli, Brisbane

Wed, May 11: The Tivoli, Brisbane

Fri, May 13: The Tivoli, Brisbane

Sat, May 14: The Forum, Melbourne

Mon, May 16: The Forum, Melbourne

Thur, May 19: Thebarton Theatre, Adelaide (all ages)

Fri, May 20: Metro City, Perth

Thu, May 26: Enmore Theatre, Sydney

Fri, May 27: Enmore Theatre, Sydney (all ages)

Tickets are available now on violentsoho.com

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