Tyler, The Creator Interviews A$AP Rocky

Tyler, the Creator has interviewed A$AP Rocky on his GOLF RADIO program, an offshoot of Tyler’s own Golf Media app.

The four minute clip shared by the rapper shows the two talking about touring together, luxury cars, go karting and playing Mario Kart.

On the topic of flaunting ones wealth, a common theme amongst hip-hop artists, Rocky noted that “The world’s familiar with us from hip-hop. That’s where we were born.”

“I could get into fashion all I want. I could get into movies all I want. It doesn’t matter….but how do we make them see that… we ain’t for the fuckery?”

“Of course I like bitches, of course I like cars….people don’t even know how many luxurious cars you have. You know why? Because you’re not one of those tacky-ass rappers who in every fucking music video is putting their shit up there.”

On a more trivial note, talking about the leisure time spent with Tyler’s entourage on the previous Rocky and Tyler Tour, Rocky revealed that “We take Mario kart very seriously both on and off tour. We’re very passionate about this. These people… caught me on a bad day… I didn’t know how to drift very well but you guys taught me.”

You can find the full interview through Tyler’s app here.

A$AP Rocky recently finished his tour of Australia, but it didn’t all go so smoothly, with his lack of Mario Kart skills potentially the cause for his alleged bashing in Auckland.

IMAGE: Saint Heron