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Three Albums That Changed My Life: Major Leagues

Major Leagues have been making major waves over the past year or so, but those are going to look like mere ripples compared to what is sure to come their way after the release of their latest EP, Dream States.

The indie pop four piece makes some of the sweetest tunes to come out of their hometown of Brisbane, and they’re quickly becoming one of our favourite homegrown bands thanks to their slew of killer singles. Catchy, mature and refined but still with a DIY feel, the band make quaint indie tunes with a bite. Having just wrapped up a national tour supporting Canadian band ALVVAYS, things are looking bigger and better than ever for Major Leagues, so we asked 1/4 of the band, Vlada, a little bit more about herself to get to know her by finding out which three albums have changed her life. Take a look for yourself below!

The Shins, Wincing the Night Away

I think this was the first album that made me realise what actually loving an album was about. This album made me realize that loving an album was more than just really liking the songs, because after I while I didn’t. I hated every song on this album because I listened to them so much I wanted to tear off my own face.

I lived about an hour train ride away from where I went to Uni and I associate this album with that everyday train ride. I guess it’s probably the nostalgia talking but it makes me sad when I hear it now, but in a really nice way. The kind of sad that you want to sit in for a while and you feel okay lulling in for a bit.

The Cranberries, Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can’t We?

Ahhhhh, the old ‘first big break up album’. That’s what this one was for me. It was the only thing from the break up that I had the balls to keep and in turn made me feel pretty badass. It survived the end of a relationship stuff cull and for that I think its pretty worthy. Also Dolores has a damn killer voice that when you sing along you feel tough as shit.

Solange, True

Okay I know I cheated a little by choosing an EP but damn the goodness in this is well worth a mention. Plus it has so much substance if it was an album you would just roll over die because it would be TOO GOOD. I didn’t even know that songs like this could exist. The beats are killer, the lyrics are badass and she is so fierce I can’t even. You know when you find something, or a type of something (music, film, art whatever) that you didn’t even know existed but you never realised how much you would dig it and then it just makes your whole entire life better? That’s what this EP did for me.

Dream States is out Friday April 8th via Pop Frenzy/Caroline.