Three Albums That Changed My Life: Hoodlem

Melbourne duo Hoodlem are one of the most underrated acts in the country, and it only takes seeing them live to see why. Their explosive live show is one that stays with you long after they’ve finished, thanks to their blend of RnB, pop, electronica and more. Now, with the release of their debut self-titled EP, it looks like things might now start working in their favour as they begin to receive the recognition they deserve.

Comprised of five tracks, Hoodlem play with seductive synths, funky bass, soulful vocals and meticulous production that create an overall smoky, smooth experience that will have you feeling just as much as it will have you dancing. To celebrate the release of their EP, we asked Hoodlem what three albums changed their life. Check out their answers below and check out their EP here.

Q-Tip, The Renaissance

I am a huge fan of A Tribe Called Quest and Q-Tip, so this is my go-to album and I can listen to it anytime, anywhere; in the morning, at night, while getting ready for a party or to clean my house. It’s a total vibe. I love his rhythm and tone, the songs are catchy with great features, verses and lyrics and I never get sick of these tracks. Norah kills it in Life Is Better, it’s got a great chorus and hook. I’ve probably chosen the two most chilled songs on the album but I always I could sing along to every lyric on this album from start to finish.

Janet Jackson, All For You

Melody. 100% Melody. Janet is so feminine and such a good example of that time in music. All For You has that really fun pop/RnB hook. It’s the kind of music that you can’t be sad to. You gotta be happy. The beat has such an up groove. It was hard to choose one album of Janet’s, I think people appreciate her as an artist but I feel like she gets overlooked because she’s Michael Jackson’s sister and he’s such a pioneering artist. I feel like she’s more gifted than what she gets credit for. This album id beautiful in its simplicity and nails the vibe. It’s not over the top.

J Dilla

His music got me thinking about how songs are put together in electronic music and that it’s important to not shy away from traditional elements in music. He uses great chords and old school music samples. Total vibe. He also produced so many of the great hip-hop artists of that time, he’s one that was lost too young.

Hoodlem is out now via Caroline Australia.