Three Albums That Changed My Life: LANKS

Melbourne multi-instrumentalist and producer LANKS is really hitting his stride lately. He’s released a slew of stellar singles over his time (check out his Soundcloud for proof), but his latest single, Golden Age, is the one that has people really talking. Mixing his meticulous production with his Thom Yorke-esque vocals, he takes a step away from his beautiful, delicate sounds to further venture into dance territory.

Now, he’s set to launch his new single with a string of shows around the country. Accompanied by WoodesBilly Fox for Sydney and Yakini in Melbourne, these shows are going to be more like showcases of some of the best electronic music that Australia has to offer – with LANKS firmly at the helm not only on the bill, but in the industry as well.

Ahead of these dates, which you can check out below, we asked LANKS what three albums changed his life.

Radiohead, Amnesiac
I was a 12 year old kid spending hours obsessing over the guitar, constructing my universe of how music worked and how it all fitted together, like the pieces of a jigsaw. Every time I hear a new sound it expanded that universe a little bit, and when I went away to Sydney for a week to stay at my uncle’s place, he had this album playing a lot that week. It completely flawed me. It started with the opening track, Packt Like Sardines In A Crushd Tin Box. The beats had this intimate feeling, the sounds were other-worldly, and the vocals were this strained, indecipherable yearning. Track by track it took over as my new gospel, the perfect embodiment of attitude and rule-breaking, and uplifting moments cutting through the midst of melancholy darkness. Still my favourite album of all time.

MØ, No Mythologies To Follow

MØ might seem like a weird choice considering how fresh this album is, but I have always been big on the strength of simplicity. Whether it be a great pop album or Miles Davis’ Bitches Brew, there were always strong, simple driving forces behind the works that captured me most. This album is my favourite pop record, full of interesting vocal phrasing and melodies and grinding beats, and in typical Scandinavian style it is full of great hooks. The production is fresh and full of life, and she has this punk kind of attitude where she pushes boundaries, and when I saw her live in Melbourne last July I realised how much of an impression this album had made on me. I knew every word, every hook, every drum fill and sang along to the entire gig. It was the best.

Bjork, Greatest Hits
Every laughs at people who listen to greatest hits records, but I don’t care. I bought it when I was 14 because I had heard she was cool and it seemed like a good place to start. It was! And it becomes an album for you anyway, I listened to it so much that when one of these songs finishes I am already singing the next track on the record.
Bjork is everything. Beautiful string orchestrations, intricate beats, human vocals that soar, screech, gurgle and do just about everything you can imagine and it always feels right. I have spent a fair bit of time looking closer at her lyrics and her skill at crafting stories and imagery has had a profound effect on me. She’s also just not afraid to take risks and redefine the boundaries that surround her.

LANKS tour dates: 

Sat 2nd – Sun 3rd April
By The Meadow Festival  – Bambra, VIC
Tickets available here

Thu 14th April
Friendzone @ Brightside – Brisbane
w/ Woodes
Tickets available here

Fri, 15th April
The Treehouse – Belongil, NSW (All Ages)

Sat, 16th April
Shebeen – Melbourne, VIC
w/ Woodes + Yakini
Tickets available here

Wed, 27 Apr
The Small Ballroom – Newcastle, NSW

Thu  28th April
Moonshine – Manly, NSW
w/ Woodes

Fri 29th April
Brighton Up Bar – Sydney, NSW
w/ Woodes + Billy Fox
Tickets available here