Thelma Plum Calls Sunrise “A Bunch of Racist C*nts”

Often outspoken Indigenous singer and songwriter Thelma Plum has taken to Facebook today, accusing Channel 7 show Sunrise of racism. The comment comes in response to a recent segment regarding The University of New South Wales’ planned changes to the curriculum, and rightfully so.

Sunrise recently aired a piece based on The Daily Telegraph’s controversial story that touched on whether universities should be taught that Captain Cook discovered or invaded Australia. The decision which was most baffling was that all three of the debaters were white. What followed was just three white people talking in prejudice saying that nothing wrong happened regarding an issue which they have no ground to actually speak about.

Contentious radio presenter Alan Jones said that Cook’s discovery meant “he discovered ways in which to turn this content in a way which would be beneficial and profitable to everybody,” to which Plum responded, “Yo Alan, I think you’re a count and I challenge you to a duel”

“If you want to have an actual real discussion about racism, how about not getting three white people (Alan Jones being one of them) to weigh in and decide if it is or not…Let us decide if it’s racist of not, not some Becky and Alan Jones.”

“I think you’re a bunch of racist cunts and you should 100% be ashamed of yourselves.”

Image: Courier Mail