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WATCH: The Last Shadow Puppets Reveal Video For New Single ‘Aviation’

The Last Shadow Puppets have continued with the momentum from last week’s Everything You’ve Come To Expect video with the release of their third single Aviation from their upcoming sophomore album.

The new video acts as a sequel to the EYCTE video(s) and goes some way to explaining why the pair where buried up to their heads in sand as the tide came in during their previous effort.

During Aviation, the pair are seen digging their own graves as a suited gangster and his bride roll up to watch them. There is plenty of sweat, guns and tears alongside a blindfolded orchestra playing in the background.

This third single is the most similar sounding to that of their 2008 debut The Age of the Understatement, as it features Miles Kane‘s and Alex Turner’s vocal harmonies along with galloping drums and sombre orchestral flourishes.

Speaking of the new record, the pair admitted how the project was not originally planned for until they wrote Aviation together when they discovered that they wanted to record another album together again.

“There was something about [Aviation] that seemed particularly ‘Puppety,'” Kane told Spin.

“So we eventually convinced [Simian Mobile Disco’s] James Ford, the producer, to come do it again.”

When Alex Turner was interviewed by NME in January, he claimed that the reason for getting back together for the project was because the two best friends shared such an inherently strong understanding of each other musically. “It’s like watching footage of an explosion in reverse. It’s like John Lennon meets… Paul [McCartney],” he said.

“We wanted it to be a trilogy. We wanted to write the second and third parts before we released the second,” Turner said when explaining the reason for why the pair had left it some many years in between the releases. While the third album may be some way off yet, the second is just around the corner.

Everything You’ve Come To Expect is released on April 1st via Domino.

Image: NME