Ten Songs From This Week You Need To Listen To Now

This week was a doozy when it came to new songs. Coming at us left, right and centre, it seems just about everyone thought this was the perfect week to drop a great new track. But hey, we’re not complaining because we love great new tracks, but it can be hard sifting through all of them to get to the real gems.

Thankfully, we’ve once again got your back, and we’ve narrowed it down to a handful of the absolute best to get your weekend started. Check it out below!

Sango, Life Without God Is Nothing

Part of the Soulection crew, Sango is a god in my books. His beats are always so solid, with nothing but the highest quality coming from him with each and every release. Focussing on intricate drum patterns, he manipulates the sounds accompanying a soulful vocal samples. It’s clean, tight and fresh with it’s soulful, sensual delivery and relaxed groove. He may have just released an EP, but this bad boy is tagged as “ALBUM MATERIAL” so our hopes are high for more releases on the (hopefully near) horizon. The title Life Without God Is Nothing could be up for debate, but right now we’re thinking the same about a life without Sango.

Jodie Abacus, Space Buffalo (Prod. Royce Wood Junior)

Jodie Abacus is a name you have to get acquainted with, because he is set to truly break through this year. After a string of catchy RnB/hip-hop singles last year, he has returned once again with Space Buffalo, and it’s exactly the type of track he should be releasing to take his career to the next level. It’s a track that highlights his stellar voice, paired with nostalgic soulful production courtesy of Royce Wood Junior. The pair are perfect for each other, and it shows. However, even though it might sound like a feel good number, don’t let those lyrics catch you off-guard. They’re sobering and sad, which is a wonder because if I was making songs this good, I wouldn’t be sad at all!

Nico Ghost, Night Terrors

He just finished supporting Wu-Tang Clan on their national tour, and now he’s about to support G-EAZY at his Brisbane gig, so it’s safe to say Nico Ghost’s name is blowing up, and for very good reason. Just listening to his latest single, Night Terrors, you can hear just how much the Melbourne MC has going on. Representing yet another artist heralding in the new era of Australian hip-hop, he spits over a dark, moody beat with a refined approach and progressive lyrics. He is tipped to be one of the next big things in the local hip-hop scene, and if he keeps putting out tracks like this, that is definitely where he is headed.

San Holo, New Sky

San Holo is sitting on a few million plays of his tracks on Soundcloud, and continues to push not only himself, but his peers with each release. New Sky is yet another example of this. Flirting more and more with the experimental side of things, this track is like Mario Kart meets Blade Runner in an underground trap nightclub somewhere in the best way possible. With shimmering synth jabs and soaring samples, San Holo works his magic to deliver an unsuspecting breakdown and a drop of epic proportions. It’s hard hitting, expertly produced and indicative of yet another huge step forward for the Dutch-future bass producer.

Tourist Dollars, Horse Girl

I was a little late to the party when it comes to Tourist Dollars, but I was instantly hooked once I heard their track, End Of Time, last year. So, it makes me really happy to see another new single from them, this time in the form of Horse Girl. It’s equal parts nostalgic as it is forward thinking, as the band’s love affair with reverb and the 60s is reignited once again here. Frontman Jesse McCormack’s voice has never sounded better, and when he sings the final lyrics, “The future is bright,” you get the feeling he could be talking about more than just the obvious meaning. Big things are coming for these guys.

Argonaut & Wasp, Always

These guys have been on our radar for a while now, but this is hands down my favourite track ever from them. Pop in its best form, Always is a summer anthem waiting to happen. It’s got elements of 80s pop, and features a liberating, feel good chorus that would see any party burst into dance. Reminiscent of the indie pop band explosion of the late 00’s, they’ve picked out all the best elements of that time and have thrust it into the future with their modern thinking production and their always progressive song-writing skills. Argonaut & Wasp are one of the hardest working duos I’ve come across in some time, and their ever-evolving and ever-impressive output only gets better and better.

L-FRESH The LION, 1 In 100,000

L-FRESH The Lion is one of the best hip-hop artists in the country right now, and if you aren’t familiar with him yet, his latest single should serve as the perfect introduction for him. Speaking with triple J, L-FRESH said about his track, “When I think about my journey in music, ever since I started it’s felt like, from every angle people have tried to sculpt me to be to their expectations… This song really just speaks to the voice of self and wanting to stand and be my own person regardless of what anyone says or believes.” Couldn’t have said it better myself, L-FRESH. Just try not getting down to the electronic/hip-hop blend this song is, and keep your ears pricked for the traditional tumbi at the start.

Tiny Little Houses, You Tore My Heart Out (Anatole Remix)

Anything producer Anatole touches turns to musical gold in my opinion, and I will hold that until he proves me wrong. Today is not that day. This week, Anatole has jumped on You Tore Out My Heart by indie four piece Tiny Little Houses. Stripping it right back to the bare minimum, Anatole plays with so many different sounds that he builds it back up as a totally different track. Keeping with the original vocals, he flirts with fluttering synths and bubbling electronica, as well as intricate percussion like light cymbals and crips drum beats. It’s seriously beautiful, and once again proves my theory – musical gold!

Summer Flake, Wine Won’t Wash Away

Summer Flake continues plugging away making jus about everyone who hears her excited for the release of her forthcoming album, Hello Friends, with the release of a brand new single. Wine Won’t Wash Away is a warm and fuzzy song, in the way that it’s got warm vocals and fuzzy guitars. It’s a lot more badass than the initial meaning synonymous with “warm and fuzzy” would make you think. The reverb-drenched guitar is paired perfectly with her poignant and emotive lyrics, and has me even more excited to hear Hello Friends come April 8.

Mat Zo, Sinful (Ft. I See MONSTAS)

A nice, fun one to finish off with! Grammy nominated Mat Zo returns once again with a new track that will embed itself in your brain for days on end. Titled Sinful, he has enlisted the help of British three-piece I See MONSTAS for this one, and it’s one of my favourites from him yet. Funky as all hell, it’s reminiscent of Nile Rogers-era Daft Punk meets Disclosure – in other words, a total banger. It’s also been released alongside some pretty spectacular visuals, and has us desperate to hear what else he’s been sitting on. Thankfully, the March 25 release date of his new album, Self Assembly, is fast approaching and our patience has just about run out!

Image of Sango via HypeTrak