Listen: Stitches Borrows Adele’s “Hello” In New Track “One Million Dimes”

Stitches, of hilarious face tattoo fame, has used Adele’s Hello in the hook to his new song One Million Dimes.

The Miami rapper is no stranger to being the laughing stock of the internet, from his previously mentioned facial tattoos – with one being a preposterously positioned phallic AK-47 – to his well-documented beef with The Game. In perhaps his crowing moment of greatness, the Brick In Yo Face rapper attempted to confront The Game outside of a club, only to have Game’s manager, Wack 100, hit Stitches so hard that he ended up on the pavement. He went on to actually challenge Game to a celebrity boxing match, which sadly never quite materialised. The point is that Stitches had a tendency to make himself the centre of ridiculousness.

As such, it is not all that surprising that his latest song comes across as a hilarious parody, but judging by the film clip and the lyrical content, is not meant to be one at all. For those who aren’t really interested in watching a grown man butcher Hello, the hook’s lyrics sung to the tune of Adele’s hit song, go a little something like this.

I must have sold a million dimes,
I was selling drugs all the time,
And I’m sorry mamma,
For the pain you went through,
I’m sorry,
I promise,
What I did was for you


I for one applaud his shamelessness and ingenuity. The song about the rapper’s sordid drug-dealing past, combined with the newsworthy appeal of him using an Adele song to get his message across will undoubtedly insure that Stitches will be making the news rounds for another five minutes of fame. No word yet on whether or not he will use his moment in the limelight to once again diss The Game and add another chapter to this already amazing saga.

It’s also worth noting that this song does actually contain a really heartfelt message about how the rapper is sick of a life of drugs, crime, violence and police confrontation, instead looking for a safe and peaceful life with his family, in particular his children. He talks about how he’d rather buy kids presents instead of diamonds, and how it’s not about being the “hardest” in the game, but the smartest. Indeed, it’s a shame that the rapper’s previous controversies, history of violence and overarching idiocy (not to mention this ridiculous hilarious hook,) not to mention the fact that this is just a really, really bad song, considering he’s clearly trying to make amends.

It only remains to be seen if Adele will personally reach out, much like she did to Donald Trump, asking him to refrain from using her music.

Main image: reportquickly