Soulection Announces Australian ‘The Sound Of Tomorrow’ Tour

Prolific beatmakers and genre-defying tastemakers, the Soulection crew have made a name for themselves thanks to their forward thinking production, eclectic mixes and being constantly ahead of the pack. They’re the ones who do it first, so it’s no wonder at all that they’ve become one of the biggest musical crews in the world, and are finally starting to see the benefits of being on that level. Now, thanks to the raging success of their Beats 1 show, The Sound Of Tomorrow, some of the crew have announced they will be bringing a tour of the same name to Australia this April!

Featuring ESTAJoe Kay and The Whooligan, the three beatwizards will be hitting Down Under towards the end of April, for what will undoubtedly be a slew of incredible shows. All established artists in their own right, their unique blends of trap and hip-hop styled beats mixed with a flurry of light electronica and vinyl buzz, any one of them would have had us excited to see, but three? It’s almost too much!

Tickets are on sale now via The Operatives, and to get you in the mood you should check out ESTA’s latest EP, Feathers, below. Take our word for it, these are not shows you will want to miss!

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Main Image: The Seekologist