Santigold Performs Live on Fallon

After her return to the world of music late last year, Santigold appears to as unstoppable as during her first entry back in 2008. Dropping new tracks left, right and centre, her new album 99c has finally been released, and to celebrate the occasion, the New York singer made her sophomore appearance on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, performing the debut single from the album, Can’t Get Enough Of Myself.

With a definite 60’s inspired feel to her outfit, even Santigold’s dress fell in with her current commentary on consumerism. Fittingly adorned with her own face, and even her own hair, the effect was somewhat freaky as she made her way through the track. Doing justice to the song with an unassuming but sharp backing band and backing singers with trademark sunglasses who also joined Santi in her own sassy style of retro dancing.

The motif of her own face has seemingly become the calling card for the song, but also another token of Santigold’s take on today’s consumerist society. Where everything is governed by the material, the disposable, and the brand of “I”. Even her band turned during her performance to reveal yet more imagery of Santi emblazoned across their backs.

Receiving a warm welcome from Fallon, her album and the video for Can’t Get Enough Of Myself get a nice shout out. Describing Santigold’s new interactive clip, where viewers can see their own faces appear in posters, coffee mugs etc throughout the video, Fallon touts it as “mind blowing” and “cool and rad… fun, fun, fun”. We would have to agree. Also that “no one is doing it like she’s doing it.”

Image via Fingersonblast