Rick Ross

Rick Ross Indicted For Pistol-Whipping Groundskeeper

Rick Ross has been officially indicted for an incident which happened in June last year, where he was accused of pistol-whipping his now former groundskeeper, Jonathan Zamudio.

According to TMZ, Ross discovered that Mr Zamudio was using a guesthouse belonging to the rapper, to allegedly throw parties which involved cocaine and other drugs. Accompanied by his bodyguard, Nadrian James, Rick Ross then allegedly led Mr Zamudio into the guesthouse at gunpoint, before questioning him about the parties and pistol-whipping him several times while preventing him from leaving.

After being arrested for the incident, Ross was released on a $2 million bond, and now, it seems that a grand jury has gathered enough evidence to formally charge the rapper. He is facing nine charges which include kidnapping, aggravated battery, aggravated assault, and the possession of a firearm during commission of a felony.

Ross’s attorney, Steve Sadow, is putting in a plea of self-defence, arguing that the rapper should be immune from prosecution because of the state of Georgia’s laws regarding self-defence. Mr Sadow claims that because the accused groundskeeper was allegedly committing felonies on the rapper’s property, he was well within his rights to act in the manner that he did, suggesting that the rapper was, “acting in self-defence and in defence of his property when he encountered trespassers.”

Even though the initial warrants, as reported by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, indicate that Ross pistol-whipped the groundskeeper so hard that the he chipped his teeth and Mr Zamudio’s jaw was injured so badly that he was, “restricted to soft foods and liquid diet,” it is entirely possible that the state of Georgia will side with Ross, as long as he can prove that the cocaine-fuelled parties were indeed happening on his property.

Main Image: globalgrind