PR4 credit Mayan Toledano

PREMIERE: Tel Aviv’s Niv Ast Shares Live Video For New Single ‘One Time’

Tel Aviv producer and DJ Niv Ast makes indie-rock tinged electronica, and he does it really well. He’s already got two albums behind him, but continues to push forward with each and every release, so anticipation is quite high indeed for his forthcoming EP, Fearless Love Stories. Just a couple of weeks ago, he shared the first cut from that in the form of One Time – a bluesy, modern electro single with a hook that immediately gets stuck in your head, but sounds so good you don’t even mind it. It’s an impressive track from the get go, and now, we’ve got the first look at its accompanying, live visuals. 

Filmed at The Breakfast Club, Niv Ast is joined by his drummer for an all out, liberating performance of his lead single. Niv Ast’s repetitive “One time for the…” hook is given an intimate setting as the clip starts out with a close up his face with closed eyes, but from there it only gets bigger and more enthralling as it goes along. By the end, the rock-dance track has grooved it’s way into a sublime matrimony of the normally opposing genres, with layers and loops of his vocals, guitars, drums and more. It’s as impressive as the track itself, and is up there with one of the best live clips you’ll see this year – that is for sure.

Tipped to be released in Spring of 2016 (so Autumn here in Australia), Fearless Love Stories is already sounding like perhaps his best work yet. Keep your eyes peeled and ears pricked for any future movements from this guy, because this is definitely music you need in your life!

Image: Mayan Toledano