PLAYLIST: Celebrate International Women’s Day With These Girl Power Bangers

March 8th is International Women’s Day – a day where the world celebrates all that women bring to this planet, how far they’ve come in regards to oppression and looking at how far we still have to go to reach equality. It also falls at the start of Women’s History Month, making March one of the most female friendly months of them all (not really sure how you would compare the others but in any case…)

Here at Howl & Echoes, we think girls rule. We are run by two women, our team is comprised of amazing women and men, and we take pride in our consistent championing of women in music, as well as striving to achieve equality with the artists we cover. Hell, one of our editors even kicked off a quarterly showcase highlighting female talent in Brisbane called Brisbabes, which is set to kick off it’s third event come April 22nd. Basically, we are proud, strong women and men who wholeheartedly support the equal rights movement, so days like IWD are very special for us indeed.

To kick things off the right way this International Women’s Day, we made you a playlist packed to the brim with empowered ladies. Sassy, strong and smart, these are the songs that help us get through the day when the world is against us, so this is #symbolic of what IWD stands for. Whilst you’re listening to it below, you might as well check out a few of our articles concerning women in music as well:

Image: Forbes