PLAYLIST: Breakthrough Thursdays

Each week, we sift through piles of new music from upcoming artists across the globe. One of our favourite aspects of our job is championing the upcoming, independent artists and introducing them to the world for you to enjoy. We have a fairly diverse playlist this week, with a few wildcards peppered throughout our usual hip-hop heavy selections.

Here’s our top ten from this week. Enjoy!

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  • Lana Del, Rey, West Coast (MISSIO cover)
    I’m never sure about covers, but when they offer something that’s not only totally different but really awesome, they’re more than worth writing about. Missio’s cover of the LDR hit is sexy, smooth and utterly cool. I love everything about this.
    If you like Ratatat you’re gonna love this. A bright instrumental, packed with incredible guitar layers, toying with a solid, heavy rhythm and raunchy bass at some points, and sparser, clear chords at others. One of my favourite tracks this week!
  • James ChatburnCracks And Breaks
    Australian singer/producer James Chatburn returns with another emotional electro-R&B offering. His husky vocals are rich and luscious, like honey dripping smoothly atop the dramatic tempo and vocal harmonies.
  • Darius Da TerribleSincere & Summer Sisal
    I wouldn’t typically think that trickling pianos and a temperate drum n bass-esque beat would make a good backing for hip-hop, but this works really well. I love the production – there’s a real intimacy to not just the lyrics, but the actual vocal tone during the verses.
  • Best Friends ClubLions
    I said we had a few diverse entries in this week’s playlist, right? I’m feeling pretty emotional this week, so an emo-leaning track with a really nice, deep, bass-heavy riff is right up my alley right now.
  • Face+HeelPier Video
    The bulging rhythm was enough to draw me in. The instrumental progression and powerful bass kept me listening. This track really crept under my skin and stayed there. It’s interesting that the vocals only come in after the halfway mark, and it works really well, making for a really unique transition.
  • TAKEYCE – TI, Faith & Love
    I don’t think we’ve ever had anything ska or reggae-based in the playlist before, but I’m so glad that’s changing right now! With a classic rhythm, a gorgeous melody and empowering lyrics, there’s a lot to love about Faith & Love.
  • Esmo x DarwinMyself Enemy
    This is definitely one of my favourites this week. With a dark, seductive rhythm that has a real trip-hop vibe to it, the dual male/female vocals make for a really interesting soundscape.
  • DanelleChairs (Cabu Remix)
    I recently rediscovered Crave You by Flight Facilities, and the tone and atmosphere of this remix (here’s the original) really reminds me of that. Delicate, almost brittle vocals and a really lovely minimalistic rhythm, it’s equal parts sweet and sensual.
  • Tyler Coolidge, If Nuth’n Else (ft. Young De$) (prod. Dre Rodner)
    This is really dark,  I really like it. Coolidge’s bars are hard-hitting and rhythmically slick, backed by understated yet excellent production, anchored down by a deep, womping bass. 

Image: Esmo x Darwin