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PLAYLIST: Breakthrough Fridays

Each week, we highlight some of the best in upcoming, independent artists from around the globe. This week we’ve got a diverse playlist of hip-hop, electro-soul, and R&B, jazz and indie-tinged electronica. We really do encourage you to check out these artists and pay attention to these hand-picked named, some of which you’ll undoubtedly be hearing more about in the very near future.

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  • AE The Cool, Danger (Produced by Illfigure)
    Smooth and sensual, I’m in love with the melody, both tone and rhythm. With a unique structure and shuffling jazz layers, this is a really interesting, really lovely piece.
  • Kura, Our Sun ft. Zebra Katz (Olivander remix)
    This track is amazing. With a husky, demanding melody, peppered by industrial synth flickers and a dramatic, bulging rhythm, I’m immediately entranced – and that’s before we even talk about the incredible guest verse from Zebra Katz.
  • SIR, Another Sleepless Night
    I love the slinky rhythm, gliding under the radar, led by an ice cool melody, piano trickles and gorgeous choral hooks. One of my favourites for this week.
  • JC JuiceJust A Rapper
    I’m really impressed by the observational lyrics in this one. With a casual inflection and a slick, swift rhythm, it’s easy to listen to this one on repeat.
    I’m really digging the R&B and indie-tinted electronic tracks this week, and this one just takes the cake. The atmosphere is huge and interesting at every turn, progressive, fluid and catchy from start to end.
  • Brittany CampbellI Want You
    While the rhythm is mesmerising, it’s Campbell’s voice – and the harmonies throughout – that makes this track so special. Powerful and packed with soul, this one really gets you swinging.
  • La Belle MusiqueTwig Pigeon – Seeds (ft. Vanessa Stacey & Chris CK)
    We featured Twig Pigeon in a recent playlist, and they’re here again with another solid groove. Blending jazzy rhythms and percussion with heady synths and a bluesy melody makes for a unique, and seriously cool new piece.
  • G E N I U SDreamchase (ft. Vain Smith)
    My favourite track for the week. With a tone and feel that’s kind of halfway between Lauryn Hill and Angel Haze, I absolutely love that perfect blend of the jazzy vibe with that hard-hitting vocal tone.
  • ELKABurnt Out
    A brighter indie track with a crunchy bass and really cool guitar lines in between the melody and rhythm, I’m really digging the overall atmosphere of this catchy track.
  • Kid PharaohBurn It Up (feat. Hau)
    Kicking off with a deep bass and a really cool percussive rhythm, I love the verses, the samples and everything in between. Listen to this one a couple times in a row – these boys really know the rap business.
  • Hoosier ScottImprovise
    This one follows on from Burn It Up really well. Another lyrically brilliant piece with a soulful instrumental backing, there’s a lot to learn from Scott’s new track.
  • Meeka KatesEmpire (Feat. Allen Ginsberg)
    Ending this week’s playlist on a really sexy note, with this intimate, Glass Animals-esque dark sensuality. With a rhythm equally playful and sensual, and a particularly cool bass, not to mention quoting lines from Ginsberg’s Howl, this is one cool track.

Image of Kid Pharaoh via Facebook