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Listen To Biggie Rap Over Metro Boomin

In honour of the 19th anniversary of The Notorious B.I.G‘s death, the internet has exploded once again with tributes to the late rapper. Many of these tributes take on the form of mashups, with the rapper’s verses playing over a prominent, modern producer’s beats. Last year, we heard the incredible FKA Biggie mashup EP which had Biggie mixed in with FKA twigs, and now this year we have the same, but over Metro Boomin.

Titled Ready To Boom, the excellent mashup comes courtesy of producers MICK and Chi Duly, and is half an hour of Biggie’s best rhymes over Metro Boomin’s best beats. All your favourite tracks are here, including JuicyReady To Die and Dead Wrong– albeit some may be slightly skewed to fit the tracks. Nevertheless, Biggie sounds even more menacing over Metro’s huge trap beats, if that was even possible. Particular highlights include Juicy playing over Kanye West‘s Waves, and Come On playing over Drake and Future‘s Where Ya At. Check it out below:

The whole thing is available for download here, and will be on heavy rotation around these parts for quite some time. We’re still not over FKA Biggie, so this is a very welcome addition indeed!

The Notorious B.I.G was shot dead on this day 19 years ago, and the crime has never been solved. To pay your respects to one of hip-hop’s biggest game changers and most influential artists ever, check out our Flashback Friday piece on his album, Ready To Die.

Image: Pigeons & Planes