Kim Gordon To Narrate Norwegian Crime Novel

Last week we announced Kim Gordon‘s return to the musical world after the Sonic Youth co-founder announced a debut album from latest project Glitterbust. But it seems that the iconic musician will also be continuing her literary foray.

After publishing her autobiography Girl In a Band early last year, Gordon also provided narration for an audiobook adaption of the acclaimed memoir.

The iconic bassist-vocalist has now revealed that she has teamed up with bestselling Norwegian author Jo Nesbo to narrate his 2015 crime novel Midnight Sun.

The second in the Nesbo’s Blood on Snow series, the novel follows protagonist Jon’s flight through Norway after betraying former employer and Oslo drug kingpin ‘The Fisherman.’ Setting up in a remote mountain village where the sun never sets, what is clear is that it’s probably not going to end well for Jon or his new community.

Interestingly Gordon isn’t the first ionic female musician-come-author to lend their vocal talents to Nesbo’s work. Patti Smith also served as narrator for Nesbo’s prequel audiobook Blood on Snow, even earning a Grammy nomination for her efforts. A longtime genre fan, Smith has also revealed she is working on her own crime novel.

While Gordon has never been adverse to pushing into new territory, her own authorial ambitions within the crime fiction remain unknown.

You can purchase the audiobook here.

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Image: Billboard