Kanye West Has Officially Announced The First Single Off “The Life Of Pablo”

It feels really strange to announce that an album which (kind of) premiered more than a month ago, has just announced its first official single, but by now we can’t really consider anything from Kanye West to be strange or unusual.

That’s right. Today, Def Jam officially sent out a press announcement that Famous is the first single from Kanye’s recent album The Life Of Pablo.

Perhaps the messiest album release literally in the history of album releases, most of us aren’t even clear whether the album has officially been finished yet. The endless slew of announces, tweets, re-tracked track listings, updated guests and everything else has led to a confusing and honestly irritating media frenzy, to the point where Howl & Echoes officially decided to stop writing about it a number of weeks ago, simply because it was getting too ridiculous and annoying.

Now it finally seems like some official order is settling down – and the new single also comes along with rumours that West may be gearing up to announce a world tour some time soon.

Famous is an interesting choice for the first single. Easily the most controversial track on the album, it became immediately notorious after Taylor Swift got mad about one particular lyric.

Interestingly, the track is not only available over at Tidal, but can be streamed on Spotify and Apple Music too. Hopefully the release has been timed to remind fans (and haters) that above all the Twitter nonsense and whatnot, Kanye West is first and foremost one damn talented rapper and producer.

Portland radio station JAM’N 107.5 also recently announced in a since-deleted tweet, that he will be set to play at Portland’s MODA Centre on July 8. Furthermore, an Atlanta radio station, V103, similarly announced that he will take to the Phillips Arena stage in Atlanta on August 5. Along with his already announced dates at NYC’s Governors Ball and Paradise Festival in the Phillipines, we can only assume/hope that a full tour is soon to be announced – hopefully including Australia. Splendour in the Grass, anyone?

Image: Consequence of Sound