It’s Time To Get Your Weather From Flavor Flav

Forever branching out from the world of hip-hop, Flavor Flav is truly a renaissance man.

Whether it’s seeking love via reality television or vamping his own brand of fried chicken, the Public Enemy co-founder is no stranger to trying new things.

But all things considered, it’s rare for a rapper to find crossover success in the world of meteorology. Determined to break the mould, Flav dropped into a Salt Lake City, Utah newsroom to give it a good old-fashioned try.

Informing viewers of news station Fox 13 that good weather is in store, the rapper kicked off with opening lyric, “I’m here to bring you the weather/Not only for the good, but for the better.” Dispensing with technical jargon, Flav called it as he saw it, delivering lines like “Now check this out, you this over here? Salt Lake City, you got 56 degrees, you know what I’m saying??”


Flav was in Salt Lake City to visit his brother and later rejoined the news team to help find a home for an orphaned dog. Going by the name of Patch, the Border Collie cross breed is currently in the care of a local animal welfare organisation the Humane Society of Utah.  Revealing he himself owned two dogs, Flav urged viewers to help find a place for ‘his boy.’

It is unknown whether Flav has further ambitions as a news presenter, but given the widespread media attention, it is possible he will be encouraged.

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Image: Pitchfork