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Hudson Mohawke Didn’t Get Paid By Kanye West Or Drake

Prolific producer Hudson Mohawke has shared in a since-deleted tweet that even he doesn’t get paid for his work, and went after two of the biggest rappers in the game, Kanye West and Drake, threatening to leak their music as compensation.

As XXL points out, HudMo had had an absolute gutful today, and tweeted, “Literally about to release zip of kanye and drake songs I’ve done that I got [zero] for,” before quickly deleting it. However, his consequent rant about mainstream rappers and their business senses still remain quite public.

Hudson Mohawke is the genius behind Kanye West tracks like Blood On The Leaves, and more recently FMLFamous and Freestyle 4 from The Life Of Pablo. He also worked on Drake’s Connect from his game-changing record, Nothing Was The Same, so it goes without saying the man deserves his dollars. Here’s hoping his tweets don’t prompt a Twitter tirade that Kanye is increasingly capable of, as this is pretty concerning if it’s true.

People should always be paid for their work, and it’s quite worrying that leaders in their respective fields like Drake and Kanye aren’t paying their collaborators appropriately. No matter how big HudMo gets in his own field, it could be argued he may have had a harder time getting to where he is had it not been for these collaborations (and others), so our hopes are with him and that the matter is resolved soon.

Image: Stereogum