Hillary Clinton Surprised Beyonce With A Visit On Set

It’s safe to say that this U.S. presidential race has by far been the most televised, publicised, and talked about in the history of US politics. Obviously, we can attribute most of that to the prevalence and use of social media, and of course, Donald Trump. In this modern age, presidential elections are not only about policies and the character of those being elected, but also filled with little, seemingly insignificant issues that parties hope will trend online.

Last week Bernie Sanders was lucky enough to have a small bird fly atop his podium, and the Internet went insane. Today, news has come out that Hillary Clinton last week just casually dropped by a Beyonce video shoot to hang out. Though it was short and sweet, Clinton was allegedly ready to share her opinions on Queen Bey once she hit back to the campaign trail. “I want to be as good a president as Beyonce is a performer… You see her on TV, it’s impressive; you see her in person, you’re just stunned. Thinking like, ‘How does she do that? Really. I mean, she’s singing, she’s up and she’s down. She’s just amazing.” The respect is mutual too, with Beyonce having attended a Clinton fundraiser in New York City in May of last year.

Though it remains to be seen how close Clinton and the Queen actually are, we’re sure that their interests and values would align heavily: both powerful women, one of whom is literally hoping to run the world, and Clinton with a huge passion and interest in civil rights. No doubt even a small visit will turn any Beyonce fan onto the idea of voting Hillary, it was a smart move.

These appearances really do demonstrate just how important celebrity endorsements are becoming in the democratic process – which is pretty messed up when you think about it. Though that said, some definitely do more bad than good.

Image: Howl & Echoes