A Film Featuring Deerhunter, Mastodon + Black Lips Is Set To Finally Be Released

A new music film entitled Burn To Shine 6: Atlanta, which was recorded nearly a decade ago, is finally set for release.

The series was originally created by filmmaker Christoph Green and ex-Fugazi member Brendan Canty. It centred on a collection of local bands from a particular area getting together to perform in a rundown house that was scheduled for impending demolition.

The first film took place in Washington DC in 2004, with the latest one being filmed in Atlanta in the summer of 2007. The Atlanta offering features a whole host of big names including Deerhunter, Mastodon, and the Black Lips all performing in the house at 54 Moreland Avenue.

However, the significant delay has been in part due to the collapsing of the series distributor Touch and Go, and the house not being pulled down until two years later.

In an interview back in 2009 with Creative Loafing, founder Canty discussed how the delay of the project was beginning to frustrate him. “That confluence of energy and interest from the people and the bands there, is what gets it going. I’m just bummed that it took so long for the house to come down… It has stymied our momentum to have two of these things in the can and haven’t been able to finish them for so long.”

The project has been time consuming, and on top of the fact that they make such little money from the films, meaning Green and Canty were forced to place the series on hold while they worked on other projects together. “There’s no money to be made on Burn to Shine. It’s a great thing, but they’re not too cheap to make, honestly,” he said during the interview.

The appeal of Atlanta and its thriving music scene was what initially pulled the two co-founders into recording there. “Atlanta is an amazing town. It’s just a great scene. Everyone that I’ve met there has been great and that makes it all worth it. That’s what you don’t see when it comes to this project, but that’s what I live for, communicating and talking with people.”

The film will be available online on April 13th 2016.

Watch Pearl Jam‘s front man Eddie Vedder perform on Burn To Shine 5: Seattle below:

Image: Pitchfork