Father John Misty Live Tweeted A Really Bad Tinder Date

Father John Misty found himself sitting next to a couple during a Tinder date at the bar of an LA restaurant, and decided to share the experience with his Twitter followers.

In between hanging out with Lana Del Ray while high on acid, and trolling Pandora with fake promos, I Love You, Honeybear singer apparently enjoys sitting at the bars of LA restaurants alone. That’s where he was when he clearly overheard something which prompted him to assume that he was witnessing a Tinder date happening next to him.

His suspicions confirmed, he spends the next hour painstakingly live tweeting the oblivious couple’s date. The date progresses in a fairly typical fashion, with the two people talking about pretty standard subjects, while doing fairly common first date things, such as clinking their drinks together while saying cheers. Solid.

It’s at around this point in the tweets that one can be forgiven for maybe thinking that Father John Misty is full of shit, and isn’t actually sitting at a bar by himself while tweeting the progress of some random couples Tinder date. Surely this date is too generic to actually be happening in real life?

Nope! The artist’s next tweet mentions that, “Girl from “GIRLS” is sitting nearby-both noticed independently of one another.” The girl that he’s talking about is actress Jemima Kirke, who was at the restaurant with her sister Lola Kirke. She chimed in, tweeted that yes, she was there, and yes, Father John Misty really was just sitting at the bar, tweeting on his phone for two hours.

All good things must come to an end, as does this glimpse into the grinding date culture of the 21st century with scathing commentry, provided to us by FJM. At least this particular date presumably had a happy ending.

Image: twitter